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Choosing your title company judiciously is important. As an attorney owned and supervised title company in Silver Bow County, Deer Lodge County, Granite County, Jefferson County, Gallatin County, Powell County, Lewis and Clark County, Broadwater County, Beaverhead County and Madison County in Montana, you will have peace-of-mind knowing your insurance has you covered. We started this company to ensure a thorough search on your property, minimizing risk and errors. We are dedicated legal professionals representing our clients giving our complete attention and care. Our attention to detail is what sets us above the rest. It ensures Closing with Confidence.

Title Services

Our services include:

Title Insurance

Title Insurance is used by lenders and homebuyers for protection against delinquent taxes, undisclosed liens, legal judgments, forgeries, fraud, and a host of other potential legal or financial problems that can arise when purchasing or refinancing property.

Before you purchased your home, it may have gone through several ownership changes, and the land on which it stands went through many more. There may be a weak link at any point in that chain that could emerge to cause trouble. Title Insurance covers the insured party for any claims and legal fees that arise out of such problems.

A Title Insurance Policy provides you with peace of mind. It takes the risk out of acquiring property that may have a troubled legal history. At Superior Title all title searches go back to the beginning of the property and are reviewed by our real estate attorney to ensure title insurability.

Escrow Services

The term “Escrow” means any agreement between two or more parties wherein the delivery of instruments, monies, items of value, or evidence of title to real or personal property are deposited with a neutral third party. This agreement contains specific written instructions executed by all parties to the transaction. This neutral third party is referred to as the “Escrow Agent.”

The Escrow Agent:

  • Receives a complete and fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement and/or Lender’s Instructions
  • Orders and delivers a commitment for title insurance to the parties of the transaction
  • Orders all necessary payoff statements to pay in full the existing loans, or monies owed, by the current owners and demands to clear the title
  • Prepares and/or secures all necessary documents to transfer title
  • Prepares the estimated and final closing statements
  • Obtains all necessary signatures, funds, and documents to close the transaction
  • Records and delivers all necessary documents and disburses the funds according to the parties’ and/or Lender’s Instructions

Real estate transactions, whether they are loan or sale transactions, are commonly closed by title companies through their Escrow Departments.

1031 Exchange(s)

The 1031 Exchange is a very powerful investment tool available to property owners. By selling appreciated business or investment property outright you could pay from 15% to 50% in tax on the sale. A 1031 Exchange allows you to defer the tax and increase your purchasing power by keeping your equity intact.

We work with several qualified intermediaries (1031 Exchange), facilitating the entire process for you. We work with these intermediaries to assist you in meeting the requirements of Section 1031.

Foreclosure Services

Being an attorney owned company, Superior Title makes the foreclosure process seamless. When a borrower is in default, the Lender or individual beneficiary can contact Superior Title to initiate the foreclosure process. Superior Title will obtain a Trustee’s Sale Guarantee in the county where the property secured by the Deed of Trust or Trust Indenture is located. The Trustee’s Sale Guarantee will provide the information needed to facilitate the foreclosure action. Superior Title and Vicevich Law work together to prepare the necessary documents, coordinate the statutory mailing, posting and publication, and complete the foreclosure sale. Assurance will be given as to the compliance with the strict timelines provided for in the applicable act.

Once the process is complete, documentation has been recorded and all interested parties have received notice, a Trustee’s Deed will be issued to the purchaser at the foreclosure sale. Once recorded in the county records, the Trustee’s Deed conveys to the purchaser all the interest which the Grantor (borrower) had, together with any interest the Grantor or his successors in interest acquired after the execution of such Deed of Trust or Trust Indenture.

Long Term Escrow Collection

A Long Term Escrow is an arrangement in which an unbiased third party holds legal documents, and accepts and distributes payments according to written instructions from the Buyer and Seller.

Online/ E- Notary

Superior Online Notary is a Montana based company and all actions are completed according to the State of Montana’s Notary Statutes. We provide remote online notaries (RON) and same day signings for our clients throughout the world, ensuring your documents are notarized. We help others notarize their important documents using their laptop, desktop, tablet or phone saving them time from having to find a traditional notary.

Our team of Montana Certified Remote Online Notaries are professionally trained, with the required experience to assist you with your real estate closings, business or legal transactions and more.

Mobile Notary

Superior Title offers mobile notary, also known as traveling notary, services. We travel to different locations at a designated time to ensure proper completion of documents needing notarization. We meet with our clients personally at a disclosed location, verifying the signer’s identity, witness the signing of documents and notarizing these documents according to the State of Montana’s Notary Statutes.


Title Searches

Superior Title delivers residential, commercial, industrial and land title searches for 10 counties in Montana powered by advanced technology, experienced attorneys and title searchers with exceptional service, for a seamless, satisfying experience every time.

We are actively involved in our community, serving on several board of directors. We are dedicated to our community and our customers providing title services in Silver Bow County, Deer Lodge County, Powell County, Granite County, Broadwater County, Lewis and Clark County, Jefferson County, Gallatin County, Beaverhead County and Madison County.

Contact us at 406.225.7030

Residential Title Services

At Superior Title we provide each of our transactions with the care and attention it needs to move forward quickly and with full accuracy. We work closely with our clients to make sure that everyone involved receives only the highest quality services and that the closing process is as easy as possible.

We are passionate about being partners with our clients, and our commitment to them extends to our process.

Commercial Title Services

Superior Title’s commercial title services division provides commercial title insurance and settlement services in Montana.

From small commercial transactions to the most complicated multi-faceted transactions, Superior Title provides precision and individualized service regardless of magnitude, complexity, or geographic variety of the properties in the transaction.

Superior Titles centralized processing and legal expertise from our affiliated law firm, Vicevich Law, means you will close faster and in a compliant fashion.

Whether your transaction involves bankruptcies, loan modifications, foreclosures, or commercial finance loan defaults, our expert legal teams are ready to provide a solution in your most complex transactions across the country. With exceptional legal skills, we are able to deliver the most creative, client-centric approach to your transactions.

  • Warehouse & Industrial Projects
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • SBA Loans
  • Agricultural Loans
  • Loan Defeasance
  • Participation Loans
  • And more…..